Hand picked, high quality materials
Colorado fences endure hot sun, strong winds, snow, rain, bugs and cold temperatures.  Steve and his sons expertly hand pick the best materials, to ensure your gate and fence does not rust, fall over, warp or sag. You will enjoy your beautiful fence for years to come.

Wood fences
Your choice of cedar or locally harvested pressure treated wood for ground contact. Cedar offers a classic look and style. The pressure treated wood for ground contact keeps out termites and other bugs, fungus, and micro-organisms. It comes with a guarantee.  
All wood is secured with galvanized screws, not nails. They don’t rust or break.  
Wood Gates include:
​            Hand-picked 4x4 posts or 4x6 posts
             The span of the gate, budget, and design determine the post selection.  
             Nothing But Fence Repair digs a hole 2 feet deep into the ground to place the posts.  
            Small posts, on fast repairs, use quick set cement to secure the posts. Small repairs 
            can be completed in one day. Large jobs require cement to set for 24 hours.

            Strap Hinges
            6 inch strap hinges are used for small walk through gates.
            8 inch strap hinges support the weight of double gates.  

            Strong braces 
             2 x 4 braces control the slats from flexing or breaking in high winds.  The cut and angle of the wood braces makes a critical             difference between a working gate and a non working gate.  Sturdy 3 1/2 inch screws secure the braces to the wood.             Nothing But Fence Repair insists on properly bracing gates to prevent dropping or sagging. Your gate will give you years of             trouble free service.

            Striker Bar Latches 
            Gates with striker bar latches open easily. No more wrestling with rusted, broken latches.  
            Get added security by adding a padlock. Easily open your beautiful, new gate from the inside or outside.

Chain Link Fences
Galvanized chain link offers many options of high quality, sturdy steel. It stays shiny and rust free for years. You can add Gaucho tension wire,  or Red Top barbed wire, and barb free wire for use with industrial fences and farm fences.

Gate Operators
Industrial sites often require gate openers, or gate operators, to open and close large gates automatically.  Stanley gate operators offer reliable, automatic gate operation.

Rolling Gates
Large rolling gates open easily by manually pulling the gate along a metal track. They are less expensive than gate operators and offer a hassle free experience for large industrial gates.  The new Hearne Steal 10 inch double wheel carriers are made from metal. They glide smoothly and never go flat.  If opening and closing your rolling gate is difficult call us today.  Minimize back strain and improve morale with our newest front roller wheel sets.

Vinyl fences
Vinyl fences are not a good fit for Colorado. The hot sun causes warping and cold winters make it brittle. Steve’s commitment to customer satisfaction deters them from using vinyl fencing materials.

Aluminum fences
Aluminum fencing is affordable but ugly. Please call Steve or Levi directly to discuss material choices.

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Nothing But Fence Repair
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